Metropolis wants to focus on how and in what measure the new migrations are able to transform the physicality and the way of thinking of our European cities, observing the changes in city planning, social, economic and psychological aspects, underlining their evolution through the help of Theatre.



From Oct 23 till Oct 29 2017, 16 micro dramas born in the national residences have been staged to describe the migratory phenomenon in relation to the city and its change in urban, social and economic terms.

They are all presented, one by one, together with cast and photo gallery.



This section is dedicated to those who made Metropolis possible.

Artistic coordinators, Organizers and technicians are portrayed as a group.

Directors, playwrights, set designers and actors are presented one by one, together with their Nationality and the microdrama in which they worked.



With Terre Promesse (Promised Lands) the Civic School of Theater Paolo Grassi intends to explore contemporary reality in the coming years, returning it through the instruments of Theater, Cinema and Music, with the aim of promoting and stimulating mobility and meeting of young artists from different countries and realities, in order to build a chance to work creatively together. TERRE PROMESSE…

Bussole Rotte – Broken compasses is the pilot project through which the Civic Theatre  School Paolo Grassi starts to reflect on Migration and to focus on it in 2016. BUSSOLE ROTTE…