Bussole Rotte – Broken compasses is the pilot project through which the Civic Theatre  School Paolo Grassi starts to reflect on Migration and to focus on it in 2016.

Bussole Rotte touches different experiences and points of  view on immigration through the encounter of five schools: Civic Theatre School Paolo Grassi, Fine Arts Academy of Brera (Milan), Academy August Everding (Munich), Acting Department, Faculty of Dramatic Arts (Belgrade), and Theatre503 (London).

For images and costumes Brera Academy of scenography and arts in MILANO

In collaboration with Goethe – Institut Mailand of MILANO

Sponsored by Lombardy Region

With the support of SIAE

In partenship with Emergency

Contemporary migrations are cluttering the media, but when they cross our urban space we cannot see them in their concrete reality. The project explores the theme of migrations nowadays and how this phenomenon is dramatically changing Europe in a social, political and geographical way.

We appreciate the perspective of the young artists to whom we direct our training, to tell the ongoing change through the new drama. The project opens with a thematic workshop in which the students from 4 countries realize a series of micro dramas that are performed in Milan in July 2016.

For the occasion, the Civic School of Theater Paolo Grassi becomes, through the various spaces, a sort of “migration territory”. It consists of an itinerant show where each micro drama is represented in different spaces and corners of the school. The public becomes a “migrant” who, from being like a guest spectator, becomes “traveling”, along the various physical, visual and narrative itineraries.

“Broken Compasses” is part of Promised Lands, a project through which the Civic School of Theater Paolo Grassi intends to explore the reality in the coming years, returning it through the creative instruments of the Theater. Broken Compasses project starts in April 2016 with the “Ideas Lab”: four days of open confrontation and elaboration around the theme of immigration as a contemporary social phenomenon.

Between May and June, young dramatists, in close contact with directors, set designers and costume designers, are accompanied by their creative writing process by various important supporters: David Carnevali, author and teacher of dramaturgy for Italy, Igor Vuk Torbica, theater and radio assistant for Serbia, Laura Olivi, dramaturg for Germany, Monica Nappo Kelly, director and actress for England. For the staging of the whole show, Michele De Vita Conti’s co-ordination is valuable, while the set-up of the itineraries is carried out by Vittorio Borsari and Gabriele Geretz Albanese.

Project partner is Emergency, who has always been the protagonist and actor in the territories of world conflicts. It is one of the organizations that, even on the Italian territory, deals in depth with integration and hospitality.

Bussole Rotte