The theme of the entire project is the migration phenomenon. However, Metropolis, in the specific, wants to focus on how and in what measure the new migrations are able to transform the physicality and the way of thinking of our European cities, observing the changes in city planning, social, economic and psychological aspects, underlining their evolution through the help of Theatre.

Metropolis declines in different stages aiming at writing and staging unique original acts on the subject of migration: young international artists, playwrights and directors from the European institutions involved work out original dramas (alongside tutors and senior drama teachers) staged by directors of the same schools but not from the same countries. In the realization stage, we work together with mixed casts (dramatist and director of different nationalities to whom a set/costume designer will be associated). The texts, all translated into Italian, are featured with professional actors selected through a call. Participants in the project, directors and playwrights are also invited to Milan for a two weeks of work in October 2017, a time when the performances are replicated for a week at the Theatre Academy Paolo Grassi, via Salasco, 4.

The project involves the development of theatrical training of young artists, promoting their employability at a transnational level. Promised Lands – Metropolis uses the theatrical language to narrate the changing contemporary society, starting from the observation of reality, with attention to those social themes that are relevant to the creation of a shared European identity.

The project is divided into various phases with its final moment being the writing and staging of unique and original acts co-produced by young European artists. Centered on the migration topic, it starts from a reflection on the development of a city under the action of migratory forces – including social, anthropological and urban changes – with the involvement of migrant artists. It is a format linking theatrical training, study of the reality and social inclusion, with a strong impact on the cultural and social dimension.

The realization of the project actively involves, in each partner-country, charities, humanitarian camps, local associations and entities operating in migration-related contexts. The project also includes the realization of workshops, “performative interviews”, events, seminars, conferences and shows that will take place in conventional and non-conventional venues, so to attract and involve a new type of audience among migrants and people living in distressed areas. Finally, a documentary will illustrate the various creation phases and the development of the project.