UNATC operates under the legislation in force in the field of education and culture: The Constitution of Romania, the Law of National Education no.1/2011 (with later amendments), Government Emergency Ordinance no.75/2005 regarding the quality assurance of education, approved by the Law no.87/2006 with later amendments and in compliance with internal regulations and decisions. UNATC is a national cultural center that contributes to the shaping, development and dissemination of cultural values and that represents a major landmark for art and culture in our country, a generator of artistic and cultural phenomena. UNATC’s mission as a national university, absolute landmark in the study of performing and cinematography arts is defined on three dimensions: training, pedagogical and artistic and fundamental research. The Theatre Faculty’s mission is to prepare high-level professional artists in the field of theatre, capable of continuous improvement of their skills and aptitudes. The teaching process is centered on acquiring the main professional skills and abilities in order to ensure an immediate and seamless integration of the graduate student in a professional structure (theatre company) or to enable him/her to become initiators of artistic, managerial and pedagogical projects. The training programs reflect interest in both classical theatre values and the interdisciplinary concept that defines contemporary art. The creative lab has a central place in the Theatre Faculty providing the necessary framework for the formation of a free critical dynamic thinking. Students are encouraged to investigate as part of creative teams, to experience different working formulas, understand the theatre as a social phenomenon with a changing role in the contemporary world. An important factor in the training of the young artists is the direct contact with young audiences, which are seen as taking an active part in their formation. As a leading exponent of the art theatre pedagogy in our country, UNATC developed new formative concepts highlighted by training cycles and by specific research. The Film Faculty’s defining concept is teamwork. A film is seen as the product of the union of creative energies emanating from all the Faculty’s departments. The UNATC Film Faculty is a member of CILECT and GEECT. Almost all the major names of Romanian cinema have passed through this institution, which combines tradition with innovation, research with experiment. We believe in cinema as an art that can synthesize our times better than any other. We believe in its power to transform communication as we know it. We believe in its power to revolutionize global culture and individual consciousness.