An event open to the public for socialization, art and culture

Friday, 21 and Saturday, 22 July 2017 Lorenteggio Market, in the Giambellino district, becomes the “Theater” of a performance event open to the public in Milan and aimed at creating cultural exchange and reciprocity between young generations of artists and migrants.

On Friday, July 21, from 19:00 to 22:00, inside Lorenteggio Market Cultural Space managed by the Dynamoscope Association, we inaugurate the site-specific installation realized with the materials collected during the performance interviews, by Alice Bescapè, with the students directors and authors of the Civic School of Theater Paolo Grassi, realized by the meeting of the group of artists with neighborhood residents, second generation migrants, young Italians and foreigners, with the aim of generating encounter between people through art. The work is done with the video contribution of director Domenico Onorato. The inauguration is a moment of encounter and exchange between the artists involved, the interviewees, the district, the associations of the territory and the citizenship all within the market spaces where an aperitif is offered as well.

On Saturday, July 22, the event extends to the entire Lorenteggio Market space, which for the occasion becomes “Theater”. Along the scenic route coordinated by director Manuel Renga, the audience, organized in three shifts, is invited to watch projections, dance and music performances, to mise en espace, which are the fruit of the intercultural dialogue developed during the course of the Performative interviews. It is a moment of sharing and real confrontation where the neighborhood is a central and attractive place for culture and entertainment. This contributes to strengthen its sense of identity in relation to the cultural and artistic centrality of the communities involved.