We are dealing with principles and stereotypes about consumerism, pop-culture symbols and icons, dehumanization of human beings and their connection with mass media and mass-communication. Man, Woman and Stranger represents the archetypes of new-humans, connected with each other on the one hand, disconnected and struggling in the basic communication skills on the other hand. We want to show this struggling, dehumanization and emptiness of spoken phrases/sentences through recorded voices that actors just turns on (and off) from some machine (we call it “recorder” now, but it can be phone, or Dictaphone, or just mp3 player with speakers). Recorded voices appears in the second part of the performance, when the actors/ characters decides that they are too lazy to speak in a proper way. Another important principle (and also an important part of stage design) is a holy altar of the pop-culture icons, where is also placed the TV and actors (M and S especially) are using it as a stage, table, chair… Altar is slowly starting to be covered by food, PRADA and GUCCI bags, fast-food plastic dishes, forks, spoons and knives, pictures of Madonna, David Bowie and other pop-stars and many other fetishes connected with global and mass pop-culture.

Effetti non personali
author Riccardo Favaro  
director Marek Slováček  
cast Mauro Bernardi, Giulia Maulucci, Antonio Valentino
set designer Anna Chrtkova, Andrea Dudková