A moderator tries to talk to his people. Being aware of the limitless power of his organs and the horrific diversity that rules his own body, he can only guess the potential danger that lies hidden in this group of people. In order to be sure, he plans to measure the substance of his audience. Soon he is confronted with the shortcomings of the common measuring instruments and with his own inadequacy. Fortunately, there are also some who encounter the diversity of the body and of people with perseverance and compassion.

Director’s note: Is it possible to establish an objective measure to determine the pain of others? Doubts assail the main character of The Measurement, and his questions reveal a complex truth, far from what we might want to hear: we ourselves are the only measure we have to evaluate events around us. Do we live a great lie then? Can anyone, in such a scenario, heal the wounds caused by time and its cruelties?

La misurazione
author Gineke Pranger 
translator Alice Rampinelli
director Lucas Ubach
cast Giorgio Castagna, Luca Mammoli, Jacopo Zerbo
set designer Sara Scodro