A faceless figure orders the fragments of an indescribable image; two friends reflect on their existence after having survived a terrible incident; a man jumps into space in the hope of landing in a better world. The ability to fable stands in this piece as the ultimate refuge of civilization, which faces the only threat to which the human being is not prepared: reality.

Director’s note: A collection of people find themselves amongst the remains of a city, realizing that apocalypse was only a fiction. Time to put things into perspective – what is the importance of human existence and what role do we play in the world? While some do their best in dismantling the lies and misconceptions of humanity, others fall victim to their own fictions time after time.

author Lucas Ubach
translator Martina Barchetta
director Gineke Pranger 
cast Giorgio Castagna, Luca Mammoli, Jacopo Zerbo
set designer Sara Scodro