Every territory occupied for the purpose of being inhabited or utilized as Lebensraum is first of all transformed from chaos into cosmos; that is, through the effect of ritual it is given a „form“ which makes it become real.” (M. Eliade) Which phase of inhabiting the planet are we in today? Have we created cosmos yet? Has each of you marked and arranged their own living space? Or – are the borders becoming tighter? What will happen when the borders of living space disappear? Is human able „to be or not to be“ without borders? That is the question…

May this short play – “No Border Machine” – serve as an answer for each potential Hamlet. In the play, we tried to emphasize the notion of freedom and limitations of human migration through audio-visual and physical means of representation.

No border machine
author Matteo Caniglia  
director Petra Kovalčíková   
cast Chinemerem Chukwuemeka, Giorgia Coco, Luca Mammoli
set designer Katarina Stancic