“All that you find on the Internet is true” –George Washington

Have you ever thought of someone’s real thoughts while writing an article you had just read? Who is it? Do you believe him? How do you find whether it is worth or not? Can you trust media? Do they have the power to change people’s minds? For it is in silence that information is stored in our minds. No one can hear the flow of thoughts. You won’t feel them either. And maybe, one day, there will come an article that changes your worldview completely.

Do you believe that this short play is about what you have just read? Well, it may be that you know nothing about the thoughts of the one who wrote this text…

Il silenzio nelle Masse
author Katarina Vozárová   
translator Luboslava Lihositova
director Enrico Baraldi  
cast Liliana Benini
set designer Rossana Gea Cavallo, Marta Solari